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We engage with organisations across the full Employee Life Cycle:


Does your company environment and culture make you an attractive employer? Our simple GENOS Emotional Culture Index survey can provide valuable insight into how your staff genuinely feels working within your organisation.


Hire the Right People into the Right Positions. Our PXT Select™ job fit assessment provides employers with a clear, informative data as to how potential recruits match their job profile in terms of Thinking Skills, Behaviour and Motivation. These can be used across all occupational levels from Top Management to Unskilled workers.


Enable new recruits to get started as soon as possible. The PXT Select™ provides coaching guidelines for your new recruit or leader, as well as indicators where they would benefit from Training and Coaching development activities.


Develop strong ethical leadership competencies by means of our comprehensive Leadership Development Programme.
Greatly improve interpersonal communication, team dynamics, customer service, sales success rates and organisational culture by enhancing the Emotional Intelligence skills of your staff.
Grow leaders, empower potential and improve job performance through one on one and team Coaching.

Growth & Development

Empower potential, develop leadership, increase productivity, hone expertise, enhance interpersonal skills and create a dynamic workforce!
The PXT Select™ enables you to select the best people into employee development, training, succession and leadership development opportunities.
Utilise the services of one of our skilled Skills Development Facilitators to remove the burden of Skills Development Coordination. Let us do your Mandatory Grant applications and manage the implementation of your staff training.

Off Boarding

Do you know why people leave your organisation? We provide an objective exit interview option that will help you to gain insight into the reasons people leave and improve your employee retention rate.

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Career Guidance for Under 25s

Let us help you understand how well you match with your top 3-5 career choices, using our PXT Select™ job fit assessment. Discuss your preferences, strengths, concerns, and challenges with our Integral Coach. Discuss study options, choice of tertiary providers and different qualifications pros and cons with one our expert Skills Development Facilitators.