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Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

All our programmes can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.


Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Customised for your workforce and leadership teams.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" (Maya Angelou)

  • The Business case for EI: Why it matters.
  • How emotions affect us, even when we are unaware of them
  • The Applied Emotional Intelligence model and competencies
  • Developing your applied Emotional Intelligence abilities
  • EI Assessments & Coaching
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Supercube Leadership Development Programme

An academically validated, holistic leadership programme focusing on values, principles, choices, ethics, emotional intelligence, problem solving, learning style and application in the real world.

Its aim is to create effective leaders across all backgrounds and occupational levels who can lead organisations, teams, and themselves into the 21st century, tackling the social, economic and environmental challenges that face us all.

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Work Readiness Training

This customisable programme is designed for new entrants to the world of work to enable a smoother transition into the workplace.

Skills include:

  • Managing Expectations
  • Time Management
  • Dress & Etiquette
  • Business writing Skills
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Ethics
  • Problem Solving
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Developing Resilience in a Changing World

How do you bounce back and carry on when things get tough?

This workshop will enable you to identify your Resilience strengths, know your gaps and learn how you can develop this critical 21st century superpower!

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Business Communication and Writing Skills

Do you struggle with expressing yourself clearly and professionally to others?
Do you find yourself being misunderstood by others?
Are you coming across as too submissive or aggressive in the workplace?

Our skilled facilitators will create a customised programme focused on your particular communication challenges to enable you to develop professional, assertive verbal and written communication skills.

Topics Include:

  • Professional writing skills: business email, basic report structure, meeting agenda, minutes of meeting.
  • Verbal versus written speech.
  • The foundations of English grammar and punctuation
  • Use of questions and active listening skills
  • Assertive communication skills
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Problem Solving Skills

This has been identified as a critical skill amongst professionals, managers, and leaders!

Are you winging it or using a suitable method to tackle the problems you are required to resolve?

Learn the most critical steps in identifying, clarifying, unpacking and finding resolution to a problem.

Identify your barriers and challenges to problem solving – and how to overcome them.

Learn a variety of problem-solving techniques: Brainstorming, Pros and Cons, SWOT Analysis, 5 Whys, Root Cause Analysis, 6 Hats.

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Pinnacle Training & Development offers the following training through trusted network partners:

  • AET Levels 1-4: English Literacy and Numeracy
  • Foundation Learning Competence: English Literacy & Numeracy
  • Technical training and assessments for machine operators and artisans (Fitter, Electrician & Millwright)
  • OHS training: First Aid, Health & Safety Rep.
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